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I am a fast and experienced Henna artist, I do not advertise anywhere and mostly get my work through word-of-mouth and recommendations. 

I received my henna introduction from my mother and formal training in India.

I attend parties for children to apply henna, with contemporary & modern yet simplistic designs.

I apply henna on an individual basis, which generally tends to be more detailed and complex designs. I can do this either at my own home or at another venue.

I can cope with larger groups and I am able to attend Wedding Mehendi gatherings/functions as well as apply the far more complex and specialized traditional Dulhan/Bridal Mehendi for the bride to be's hands and feet, (double-sided application).

I also do henna for Eid preparation and some people want henna applied just before they go away on holidays.

In the summer I sometimes have a henna stand in various fetes, fairs and events.

I have not photographed my work in the past and have only started doing this recently, hence my earlier work was never recorded.

Email me for a booking:-